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Investment in Panama

This country with limitless resources and prime material and some sources for the investors are the tourists projects of reforestation, the construction and real estate or properties rental and investments in tourist projects, residential projects (including those destined to retire), commercial and industrial, turning the republic of Panama into an attractive and safe destination for the foreign investment.

Real Estate:

Due to its natural beauty Panama has vast areas of diversity with many  coastal areas, beaches on the Pacific Ocean, an on the Caribbean Sea, which wake up the interest of the investors with the development of projects of residential real estate, tourism and commerce.

The most noteworthy real estate investment is found in Boquete selected as one of the main destinations for residential tourism. Their quality of life, facilities and pleasant climate have made it a favorite destination by retires and tourists.




A legal entity separate from its creators or owners for the purpose of accepting a donation or donations for a variety of purposes. It is different than anglo-saxon laws which establish such entities for the welfare or benefit of society. The name foundation is of roman origin and applied to non-profit organizations established for the benefit of society and subject to rigorous processes for their establishment and control. Under the Panamanian Civil Code, non-profit foundations for the welfare of scientific, humanitarian or religious entities can be created. The foundations have to be recognized as such by the government and registered in the Public Registry ? and are subject to regulation by the government.

  • Family Foundations:

  • These entities are used for the personal benefit of a family or group of families. They can only be used within the country and cannot be used for foreign transactions

  • Mixed Foundations:

  • Created for the benefit of individuals, families or institutions.

  • Foundations of Private interest: 

  • Created for one or more persons or legal entities who by means of formal documentation create a legal entity and register it in the Public Registry of the Republic of Panama. The foundation must be started with a minimum of $10,000.00 and must have a named supervisor who serves as a combination of corporate and administrative head of the foundation.

  • A private foundation can be created to manage the assets of its founders and can be used to administer, preserve, invest and dispose of family assets. In addition, it can be used to direct the disposition of individual assets in the event of the death of one of its founders (i.e. family members) as if it were a will. Moreover, it has confidentiality or identity protection as well as financial benefits.

  • Some advantages of the Private Foundation include a low annual fee ($300.00); no real estate, inheritance, sales or income tax on foundation assets. In addition, its members enjoy confidentiality before, during and after membership in the foundation.

  •  To allow the protection of the patrimony destined with noncommercial aims, including like testamentary mechanism of organization or one company holding. The Foundations of Private Interest is regulated by law 25 of 12 of June of 1995 wich innovative instrument, flexible, modern and offers great advantages before a foundation of other jurisdictions.


A legal entity created in accordance with civil and commercial law. The national constitution permits such entities to enter into legal and commercial agreements and obligations. By this means, people can conduct business in the Republic of Panama. The corporation must be started with a minimum of $10,000.00 and have a minimum of 3 members. Its object is to protect the assets and investments of its owners or representatives.

The panamenian Corporations by its versatility and flexibility, they constitute an instrument of administration and protection of fortunes, cash and insurance, able to satisfy the diverse necessities with the clients, particularly, due to the system of banking and commercial services in Panama wich is one of the greater suppliers of services to worldwide level.  



Permission granted to a visitor (non-citizen ) to live in the country for a specified purpose.  With plenty of knowledge of the regimen of migration and Visas of the Republic of Panama, the signature of Panamanian Lawyer Nixia Guerra offers professional services to obtain all types of visas, like Immigration Visa, Visitor Visa, Temporary, Retirement Visa, student Visa, Investment Visa, Special Visa and others Panama is a country with a lot to offer for the tourist or the foreigner immigrant resident in Panama.


  • Retired or Pensioned: Among the attractions and advantages of the retired person or pensioned visa is the fact that you can reside in the Republic of  Panama and are entitled to discounts on meals in restaurants, hotels and airfare. This visa is one of the most sensible visa options available and permits immediate residency

  • The Legal regime of Visas and migration of the Republic of Panama favours the possibility of obtaining visas for retired pensioners looking for a pleasant place to live, after arriving at the age of the retirement. The retired and pensioned visas available for a pleasant place to live, offer enormous advantages and fiscal exemptions to all those that make Panama their place of retirement. The low level of taxes and comparative benefits that are obtained, and a high quality of life favour the election of Panama as a place of residence for specially in Boquete, El Valle Anton, Coronado, Bocas del Toro, including Panama city.




The theoretic knowledge and practice that distinguishes us make us able to exert the juditial in an representation, efficient way, in all the area of deprived, civil and commercial rights such as the labour right.


We offer services of almost exclusive form in the area deprived of right from its offices located in the heart of Boquete, we counted on the competition necessary to develop the contractual but suitable strategy to the necessities of the client.

Our education and experience allows us to offer services of quality in the preparation and writing contracts of all types, inclined administrative, civil, labour and mercantile contracts, real estate.

Legal Service:

We offer other services in the branches of rights such Rights in consumer protection of the consumer and responsibility or the manufacturer, administrative rights and public contract, migration and Visa, Labor Rights, Prosecutor and litigation rights.

The Law Firm Panamenian Nixia Guerra can help in opening bank accounts in banking  organizations of recognized prestige, obtaining all required legal documents, legalizations of Acts of Corporations that we administer, guiding to them during the procees. Your transaction may be made from abroad. In general, the banks require information and references on the commercial interest and banking files and on occasion, a personal interview or meeting. An Executive of your bank account in Panama could be necessary.

Upon acceptance of application by the bank, deposits, withdrawals and transfers may be made, along with overseeing investment orders and receiving a checkbook, credit cards, etc 

With the signature Nixia Guerra presents her services, having the satisfaction of the necessities of the client that requires a customized treatment, high quality and efficiency.